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Happy Valentines day from the guys at Aniboxx

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The Top 3 Best World Cup Ads

There hasn’t always been a huge draw to watch professional football in some parts of the world, such as the U.S. with other sports like American football and basketball dominating the scene. However, gradually, this trend has started to change. Football has gained many more loyal fans over the years. Not only has this sparked an interest in the international professional football teams but it’s also helped to create a large buzz around the World Cup.

As we are always looking at adverts that go viral and studying the science behind successful video marketing campaigns, we decided to take a look at the World Cup ads which have some of the most interesting content aswell as significant viewership from the audience.


3. McDonald’s GOL! (5 Million + Views)

In honour of the FIFA World Cup, McDonalds searched the globe for the most talented trick shot heroes. Some amazing football tricks in here and impressive how they’ve managed to keep the production so organic and genuine.

2. Nike Football: Winner Stays. ft. Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Rooney (82 Million + Views)

Nike launched the second part of its ‘Risk Everything’ football campaign for 2014 with a film called “Winner Stays.” While Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr. and Wayne Rooney are back, they are now joined by a host of other football superstars and a few special guests.

1. Nike Risk Everything (55 Million + Views)

Nike released its own 5-minute commercial, “The Last Game.” The ad features animated versions of Cristiano Ronaldo, Tim Howard, Wayne Rooney, and many other soccer stars facing off against a villain scientist and his indestructible soccer-playing clones (who do not take any risks), all of whom are donning bowl-cuts. This, we feel is the most entertaining as We see Cristiano Ronaldo employed as a manikin, Neymar as a hairdresser, and Wayne Rooney as a fisherman. With such a high unemployment rate in Spain, Andres Iniesta can’t seem to find any work at all and former Brazilian striker Ronaldo sets out on a mission to save the sport of football. He leads the rest of the players to take on the clones and they win the game, as they take risks and know the game well. We’ve placed this at the number one rank due to the play on satire with the fun and appealing use of animation, combined with how relevant certain aspects of the ad are to todays current average joe.

For more information on how to engage your audience online through animated or live action videos, email: info@aniboxx.com or drop the team a note and someone will be back with you within 24 hours.

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Nations Favourite Cartoon Caught In Selfie Craze

The funny thing about childhood is, it stays with us forever. It is part of our foundation and no matter what age we are, our childhood memories assist in keeping us young at heart. Most of us harbour a Mr Men or Little Miss character within us and exhibit these childlike characters sporadically throughout our life-span.

When commissioned by the nationally famous Mr Men brand to develop their animated viral campaign, our Mr Men characters surfaced; we felt honoured.

mr men image

The Challenge

We had a short space of time to take Little Miss Hug, the lovable and static expert hugger, and send her on an animated viral journey, whilst remaining specifically on brand with all illustration, music and animation.

Classic children’s author, Adam Hargreaves had designed “Little Miss Hug” in 2013. She makes the 35th Little Miss in the series and promises to hug anyone in need of a hug.

What we did

(how she saved the world) We worked alongside the Mr Men team at Sanrio Ltd to create the storyline for an animated video for online viral distribution in the UK and Europe, along with a mini clip of Little Miss Hug in each country she visited to maximise the virality.

The world was lacking the mood-uplift created by hugs, and in a bid to rescue civilisation Little Miss Hug travels the world taking selfies of her exchanging a hug with the likes of: Little Miss Somersault, Mr Tickle, Mr Grumpy, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr Strong, Little Miss Tiny and Mr Greedy, helping them all out of difficult, awkward and some embarrassing situations. Her collection of selfies, captures the essence of why everyone needs a hug, and the difference it has made in her world.


Little Miss Hug’s collection of selfies


The Production:

One of the biggest challenges was coming up with a truly viral advert that would engage viewers from beginning to end, and easily reflect a variety of Mr Men and Little Miss characters all in the same project. Most importantly the advert needed to uphold the integrity of the Mr Men brand, whilst being modern enough to fit with the latest trends.

Core services employed

  • 2D Animation
  • Script writing
  • Storyboarding
  • Assets creation/illustration
  • Animated typography
  • Soundtrack/scoring

The Results

Our client loved the English and French animations. Within a month of going public they had received more than 6,000 Views and Likes on YouTube and Facebook.

The Little Miss Hug book was launched at a book signing with Adam Hargreaves in Selfridges, Central London on May 10th. It probably wouldn’t surprise you that our Creative Director, Jide Johnson, couldn’t refrain from taking a selfie with Adam. One may even say it was the Mr Cool within him surfacing…


Adam Hargreaves and Jide Johnson taking a seflie in Selfridges

Enjoy the globe trotting Little Miss Hug journey below:

For more information on how to engage your audience online through animated or live action videos, email: info@aniboxx.com or drop the team a reply and we will respond within 24 hours.

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Birds Eye Campaign, Aniboxx in The Telegraph, BBC & more…

Growing up on childhood favourite foods such as Potato Waffles and Fish Fingers, I was delighted when Aniboxx was approached to work on an animated campaign for Birds Eye.


We had just under three weeks to take the charismatic and mysterious Birds Eye bear “Clarence” and create a two-minute animated video to promote the “Quest for Clean Plates” campaign, to help parents encourage their children to eat more at tea-time. Classic children’s author, Roger McGough had written a poem, which was printed on plates to be distributed in Sainsbury’s. Our adventure was to turn this poem into an animated journey to be digitally distributed in places relevant to parent audiences online.

What we did

We focused the tea-time stories animation on Clarence searching the globe for the different recipes and trying the native dishes in the countries he visited.

What we did that was strikingly different was create an interesting translation of the mysteriously eerie and enigmatic puppet bear that you may have seen in the live action Birdseye adverts. Leaning on his sociable and opinionated nature, we turned him into a friendlier character that a younger age group (aged 3-10) would be attracted to, and also included a rhyming narration that they would be able to remember and sing along to.


birds eye advert story board

The Production

We storyboarded and created the assets for the worlds that Clarence was to explore in line with the script given to us (which was the poem on the plates written by Roger McGough). We also filmed Roger in studio, as we created an earlier edit that featured Roger, fusing live action with animation. The music was created in house by our classically trained producer, who scored the video according to the world Clarence was in and of course we animated the whole ad from beginning to end, using the latest adobe master collection.

Roger McGough



The Results

The video was well received by the client along with their target audience, and there was significant engagement following the distribution of the videos on various online spaces, including but not limited to The Telegraph, Marketing Magazine and the BBC. It is a pleasure to have our work featured on such platforms and we are continuing to produce the type of quality that manifests the best results and engagement.

Aniboxx Featured In Marketing Magazine



Aniboxx Featured In The Telegraph


Below is your opportunity to enjoy the rhyming animated poem:

For more information on how to engage your audience online through animated or live action videos, email: Jide@aniboxx.com or drop the team a note and someone will be back with you within 24 hours.


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3 Reasons Why Video Works


You save loads of time. Video is a superb way to express a complicated message in a short amount of time. Working with a professional production company, a video can be created very quickly, saving you time and money. With the ability of social sharing, your video can also be circulated to thousands with a click of a button.


Video simultaneously communicates to two senses: sight and hearing. And, by adding text to video, a third layer of communication can be achieved.


How many people watched the video? How many people shared the video? How did they share it? Who did they share it with? Did the video reach its target market? Has the video sparked discussion? Using tools such as Google Analytics videos can be tracked and accurate data collected. The same cannot be said for many traditional forms of media.

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We saw this video a while back, but it still is a great insight into the potential that video has. Interestingly enough, interactive video, which has still not been utilised to its full extent.

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