Clue 2: Know Your Audience and Stay Relevant

Clue 2: Know Your Audience and Stay Relevant

How well do you know your target audience?

It is well advised by marketers to know things such as where they hang out, and what they listen to. Understanding your target audience as well as you can is a very important stage in video marketing, as it will enable you to tailor your video accordingly. Your target audience are your viewers, so you need to know what will appeal to them and keep them engaged. The more specific details you know, the better, because as they say a “broad message gets heard by no one”.

How does your audience feel about your company or about what you’re selling?

Knowing the attitude of your audience towards what you are selling can help you decide the angle of the content in your video. It can either enhance their attitude or possibly change their attitude towards it. The Dollar Shave Club is a good example of trying to change target audience attitudes. They used the idea that people usually have a negative perception of using single blades for shaving and challenged these attitudes through their explainer video.

Do you know what your target audience know?

Awareness about the things your target audience know works entirely in your favour. The more you can distinguish about what they know, the better you can tailor a video suited to their interests. Also find out what they don’t know, your video could support them in finding out about new things that will appeal to them. A good example of this is the Desolenator crowd funding video, which informed social aware viewers about a crisis and was able to raise $150,000 in 6 weeks.

Try to remain up to date in what is happening in the world and identify how this may relate to your target audience.  This will be a great way to capture their attention and keep them engaged. Also doing some research into what videos your target audience are currently engaged by will enable you to understand what content and visuals are relevant and engaging to them, as you only have the first 5-10 seconds of the video to grab their attention.

Where does your target audience go to socialise and find out information?

This needs to be thought about. You want to ensure who it is meant for is seeing your video. Knowing where they socialise online will help you think of the best platform to distribute and promote your video, so that it will be seen by the relevant target audience. For example the people within your target audience may spend more time on Twitter rather than Facebook, so you would focus your efforts on promoting more on Twitter.

After asking yourself some of these questions, you should have a good idea of how well you know your audience and how well you need to get to know them; which will definitely help with the next clue to the video marketing treasure.


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