Aniboxx’s Animation Review of Coca-Cola’s Man & Dog Advert

Aniboxx’s Animation Review of Coca-Cola’s Man & Dog Advert

Coca-Cola strikes again! Over here at Aniboxx we’re big fans of Coca-Cola’s animated adverts and this year we are really impressed with their Man & Dog 2015 animation.

What impressed us was how they portrayed the contrast between a man’s world vs. a dog’s world. There is a good use of colours to show their different perspectives of the world around them. In the video you can see the dog’s vibrant vision of the things surrounding it, in the midst of the dullness of everyday life for the human.

As the video goes on you notice that when Coca-Cola is introduced the environment through the human’s eyes becomes brighter, this reinforces their message that ‘Coca-Cola opens happiness’.

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