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The Intent – Now Available To Watch On Netflix

The_IntentWe’re delighted to announce that The Intent is joining the Netflix family as of May 15th 2017. The film will be on Netflix all around the world. What started as an independent film project that Victor Adebodun, Femi Oyeniran and friends made and released is going out all around the world! UK, USA, Canada, Australia, everywhere! Well done to all the cast and crew for giving a 100% to the project. They worked really hard to make this film a success independently – They raised the finance, shot and released the film Themselves. With no support from any film distribution company or funding organisation (no BritishFilmInstitute, no CreativeEngland, no one but themselves) but we had our secret weapon – the underground Urban scene!

We, at Aniboxx are huge fans of self starters as this is how Aniboxx began… Independently!

Well done to the guys over at Purple Gecko Productions for this one. It’s the first of many to come, we are sure.

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Ties Of The Ribbon – KICKSTARTER

Ties of the Ribbon is a complex, layered thriller from London-born director and screenwriter Jason Ferguson.

Having spent the first half of his creative career in music Jason honed his skills for visuals working with some of the biggest UK artists at the Amy Winehouse/ Keane/ Angel. This gave him the creative inspiration for story telling using film and video.

As we are passionate about helping young film makers get their projects off the ground, we encourage you to Invest in their campaign now. Jason is a brilliant Director and there’s only 5 days to go.

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Being a Partner at Crowdfunding platforms Crowdcube and Indiegogo, we decided to share what we thought were the most impressive crowdfunding videos of 2016. With a fun mix of animation, humour, VFX and informative narratives, the below 5 videos should keep you engaged and excited about new ventures. The end goal is to raise enough money through these small donations on each platform to bring your project to fruition. Remember, an important ingredient to a successful crowdfund is a video which represents your brand with excellence.

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Aniboxx Leads Training Session on Crowdfunding videos

This week Aniboxx had the pleasure of running a crowdfunding training session at our Partner Phundee’s Crowdfund North London bootcamp.

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The Top 3 Coolest Must Watch Crowdfunding Videos!

Crowdfunding has given many people a platform to raise money to fund their idea, project or business. We’ve seen people get overfunded and raise millions on sites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowdcube and many more. With the increase of crowdfunders we are seeing people become more creative with their videos, to ensure they stand out and we love it! Check out the coolest crowdfunding videos that you must watch!

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Help Start-Bee #DoTheWriteThing

Aniboxx have had the pleasure to work with an amazing company called Start-Bee on their crowdfunding campaign.

As a new academic year begins, one child in three, 1.7m UK children, will start secondary school unable to write properly. Scientific evidence proves that children who can write are able to access the entire education curriculum more efficiently than children who cannot write.

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Indiegogo’s Top Tech Campaigns of 2014

Are you into crowdfunding as much as we are? Well then this blog is just for you! We recently spoke to a campaign advisor at Indiegogo and they showed us some amazing examples of technology product crowdfunding videos, and now we want to share them with you.

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Aniboxx Speaks at Hipsters Hackers Hustlers

The MD of Aniboxx Jide Johnson will be breaking down “How to Create a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign” at the Hipsters Hackers Hustlers Got a problem? Get a solution! (GAPGAS) event.

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Our Top 5 Crowdfunding Videos

Crowdfunding is a process that allows a project, idea, organisation, etc to raise a sum of money, through the contribution of a large amount of people. For your crowdfunding campaign to be really successful you will need a kick ass crowdfunding video. Below we have listed the top 5 best videos we have come across.

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How To Turn $4K into $150K With A Video & Some Data

Raising money for your startup isn’t easy at all! However, in todays climate of new ideas and available finance, it’s proving to be a lot simpler as long as you have a service, project, team, or cause, worth shouting about, along with an engaging vision and a plan to to gain high visibilty. Below are some learnings from a recently successful crowdfunding case study that we’ve picked up.

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