Increasing NSS Student Engagement by 5%

When the The University Of Hertfordshire approached us to help with their NSS campaign, as they urgently needed to engage with students in order to gain positive results in the survey. We got stuck right in, creating an engaging brand and narrative, which ended up heavily resonating with Students all around the campus.











Liaising and networking with colleagues across the University and externally with appropriate bodies and institutions, we gained a clear understanding of the University Brand Guidelines from the mini pack, surrounding the NSS campaign.











Using our Agile project management style, our challenge was to help clearly explain the NSS scale range and bring it to life for students.











Our main character is the plane who is taken on a journey to represent the ups and downs of a student journey. We kept the style of the video consistent with the university’s welcome “Mini Guide Pack” branding to keep the upbeat feel to it.

The results:

At the time, we had produced over 10 animated videos with various messaging aimed at The University Of hertfordshire’s, and we were simultaneously on the ground speaking to students and proactively gaining their feedback on the university and placing it down in writing. As the students were engaged with the usual regular messaging in our videos, this campaign increased student engagement significantly by 5%. A groundbreaking result at the time.

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