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Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case you have any questions or the queries regarding Aniboxx, our videos, process or terms and conditions, most frequently asked questions and their answers are below:

ABOUT Aniboxx

What exactly does Aniboxx do?
Aniboxx specialises primarily in 2D animated explainer videos for organisations and individuals with new ideas or a new message to communicate. We also create bespoke pieces of animation for clients who need idents, trailers, music videos or anything else animated.

How long has Aniboxx been doing this?
Aniboxx began in 2010 and have built up experience in creating animated explainer videos for organisations big and small ever since.

Do you you outsource any part of the production process?
No we do not outsource any part of the production process. Everything is done in house, as our ability to communicate and brainstorm with one another on the spot plays a big part in creating great e plainer videos.

What makes you stand out from other production companies?
Aniboxx are animation video marketers, who not only create, but distribute and seed videos on the web on the web for our customers, ensuring that they are seen by the correct target audience.

Do you have any testimonials to share?
We have plenty of testimonials to share. They are on our HOME PAGE.


How long does it take to produce a video?
Depending on the length, style and various bespoke requirements such as music, it can take anywhere between 4-6 weeks to produce a video. What takes up the bulk time are developing a brief and signing off pre production. So this process can be sped up if a brief is drawn out before we begin. Otherwise we can help with this.

What is the process?
First we will work with you to develop a brief for your campaign.

After the brief has been signed off, our copywriters develop a professional script. We then storyboard the project before we go into full production.

The final video gets delivered in your desired format(s) after youve signed off each stage of the process.

How do I get started?
If you have a clear idea of the message you’d like to communicate, then send us a message via our contact form.

Alternatively, Call one of our VMCs (Video Marketing Consultants) on 02032860987 for a free consultation and they will talk with you more about your message, answer any in depth questions and discuss possible start dates.


What will an Aniboxx video do for my business, message or idea?
An Aniboxx video will help you communicate your message in a clear and concise way, assisting you to break down what otherwise may seem like a complex idea, product or system, simple for any audience to understand.

Animated videos in particular are usually a freindly and approachable way to communicate with your market, crossing all types of barriers, appealing to various types of people from different backgrounds and age groups.

Can Aniboxx only make ANIMATED videos?
Aniboxx primariliy specialises in creating 2D animated videos, however, is a full digital agency who also offer…

  • live action videos
  • 3D videos
  • interactive videos
  • static / interactive infographics
  • digital Video advertising

What file types do you deliver the videos in?

  • .flv file for your website (flash)
  • .mov file for presentations (QuickTime)
  • .Optimised for broadband
  • .Optimised for mobile devices
  • .Optimised for desktop
  • .iPhone
  • .iPad
  • .Blackberry

How much does it cost to embed the video on my website and what does this come with?
We use a fantastic service for hosting your videos. It provides you with
detailed stats on how many people view your video as well as how long
they view it for. It also makes it very easy for you to embed the video on
your website. Otherwise, we can upload it on youtube or another
commercial video host

For what purposes can the video be used for?
The videos can be optimised and used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Live presentations & Demos
  • Investment pitches
  • Landing page engagement
  • Ipad demo’s
  • Web video marketing
  • Television comercials
  • Public screen adverts
  • Social media sharing
  • Training
  • Internal communication

How long should my video be?
This all depends on how you plan to use your Aniboxx video. e.g if you want a conceptual video for your website landing page or to share on social media sites for the purpose of having it passed around by users to direct traffic back to a landing page then we advise no longer than 90 seconds. If your video is going to perhaps be used for a different purpose other than marketing or subtly selling a product or service such as training or internal communication to explain something in detail then the length will be bespoke according to amount of information needed.

We can offer personalized direction on this matter once we learn more about your business objectives.

How do we select a voice-over?
We work with a large network of voice-over artists and for each script we do, we get more than 100 artist samples. We take these 100 samples and narrow them down to the 10 best ones to share with you to help you in your selection.

Do you do videos/translations in different languages?
Yes. We can have the video translated into whatever language you like and change visuals accordingly for a fraction of the cost of the original video. We can find the perfect voice-over artist for just about any language and any accent you want for your video.

Do you do have more than one visual style?
Our in house team of creatives are not only diverse in the variety of styles we can create, but are professionals (all with years of experience in the television or advertising industry) who are capable of creating videos according to your desired point if reference, so if you have seen a visual that you think would suit your video, feel free to place it in the comments section of the contact form.

What is a white-label video and how much does it cost?
A white-label video is a generic version of the original Aniboxx video we have produced for you. It can include minor narration changes, rebranding (change current brand names to different brand names and URL/Logo changes. The cost for this is in accordance with the amount of changes you’d like to make and the time associated with those changes.

Please contact one of our VMC’s for more details.

Do all of your videos have the Aniboxx logo in them?
It depends what type video you’d like. If it is an explainer vido for a product, service or landing page engagement, then yes. Our logo is placed in every explainer video as a core part of our marketing plan, however this can be removed at a small fee. However, our logo isnt placed in idents or projects of a more bespoke nature.

What can I do with my Aniboxx video once it is completed?
An Aniboxx has been successfully used for many purposes and has produced results for many different types of people. Take a look at all the different uses here.

Can you distribute and market the videos aswell as produce them?
Yes, we have a department for distributing and seeding videos online in particular. Our account executives use an efficient in house platform which we use to help your video get directly in front of your audience using our network of publishers.

Can you make Aniboxx videos go viral?
Aniboxx very much enjoy creating viral videos. Our VMC’s can advise on the best type of content to get your video shared by a huge audience. It must also be noted that an investment in seeding and distribution is involved in this type of campaign.


What are your prices and what packages do you offer?
To learn more please contact our Sales team at (0) 203 2860987. One of our Account Managers will be able to explain our process and production options to find the right video and price for your specific project.

After my Aniboxx video is finished, can I get future edits done?
If any future alterations or edits of the contracted work are needed after we complete this contract, (e.g. 6 months later) we are able to make changes to the existing video, as we keep all files backed up on our company hard drives.

The cost of future edits will be quoted based on whichever changes are required. E.g. if changes in the voice over are requested, we shall send you a bespoke quote based on the length of time and cost to execute this.

Does the price for a video include VAT?
Yes Aniboxx is VAT registered.

How much does it cost to add extra content on to my video?
This depends on the time and complexity of the content. Please get in touch with us for more details.

Is there a discount if I want multiple videos?
We do offer volume discounts. Please talk to your Account Manager or you can call our VMC’s on (0) 203 2860987 for more information.

What are your payment terms?
In order to begin the process we require a 50 percent deposit for your project at the time of booking and the final 50 percent is due once the video is complete, before we release the final file.

What are the legal terms and conditions?
Our terms and conditions can be found here

Do you have a referral system?
We are eager to grow our business in a variety of ways and are flexible and open to friends of our friends and network. Please call (0) 203 2860987 to find out how to give us a referral