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We create eye-catching content to promote your cause

We have a lot of experience in producing work for charities and causes and are aware of the problems you may face. There are a huge number of causes competing for funding and you need attract your audiences attention. You might also need to engage donator’s and volunteers too and we understand the importance of doing this concisely, but making sure they understand why your charity exists.

Appealing animations and dynamic videos can increase the engagement your audience, communicate your message and breathe life into your website. Visual storytelling brings a whole new dimension to a campaign. One that will make people stop, take notice, remember and prompt action. Plus, our innovative animations make great content, and people are drawn to great content.

We match our animated videos to your specific needs. Whether these are; encouraging more donations to your charity or helping your initiative enter funding competitions. We also help bigger corporate organisations boost their corporate social responsibility using a variety of methods.

Increase awareness
Explain your concept
Increase click-through rate
Simplify the complex
Simplify the complex

Creating awareness and driving action

PEAS - Building a smarter future for Africa - Live Action Appeal

PEAS the charity responsible for the successful SmartAid schools in Africa, asked us to create a video for their campaign to improve the education of African children.

The Challenge

One third of African children don’t go to secondary school. This is a shocking statistic, but this isn’t enough to call supporters to action. What PEAS needed was for people to understand the huge importance of their work and feel compelled to act.


We translated their message by firstly explaining the process PEAS goes through when they build and establish schools across Ghana and Zambia. Next we gave the audience the facts, alongside simple, effective, animations to increase visual impact and aid understanding. Finally we used a real-life example so that the message resonated with the audience and provoked an emotional response.


Our animated video was a complete success. As well as achieving mass awareness and engaging their audience, it also gained recognition from one of the most influential law firms in the country, Allan & Overy.

Our animated video…


“From the initial briefing stage with Jide through to script development and the story board visuals, everything was on point, creatively very impressive and all received in a timely fashion despite the extremely tight working deadlines.

Aniboxx have has already impressed the potential corporate sponsor and everyone at PEAS is very excited to finally have a visual tool available to help us explain the need for our charity and our complex SmartAid model.”


Georgina Wilson

Why work with us?

It’s simple, we love doing what we do. 

We’re a multi-award winning animation advertising agency based in London that creates forward-thinking animated video ads tailored to your audience. 

We are a dynamic team of animators and video geeks who take inspiration from around us and combine our knowledge to engage audiences for both global and local campaigns. Our expertise includes 3D and 2D animation, claymation, infographics and video marketing consultancy.

We’re Driven By Your Objective

We think seriously about what you want, ensuring we understand your project and create the most effective solution to engage your audience.

You Get The Same Quality As Google and Skype

We’re blowing our own trumpet a bit here, but we’ve worked with all types of companies and brands – from startups, charities and causes to big multinational brands like Google and Skype. We use that experience when producing your video so it’s of a high quality and meets your needs.

We’re Fun and Professional

If you fancy throwing ideas around with us, go ahead. You can be involved as much or as little as you like. Either way, we’ll keep you in the loop so you always know how things are going.

We Tailor Videos To Your Audience

Be it 2D or 3D animation or a live action video, we match the message, tone, images and script to your audience, right down to the best colour scheme to drive your brand. By combining our experience and technical know-how, we make certain your audience understands and remembers your message.

“90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.”

– Sources: 3M Corporation and Zabisco

We Help You Drive Visibility

Once your video is completed, we help you showcase it everywhere your audience is (with our video marketing services). We’ll get it out there on websites, mobiles, tablets, laptops, in newsletters and blogs, as well as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Or wherever you want it.

On Time, On Budget

We pride ourselves on meeting deadlines and sticking to your budget. We know campaigns are time-sensitive and have to be ready in order to get the best results. We also understand you have a budget to keep to and ensure you get the best return for your investment.


Jide Johnson is a talented creative Director helping businesses reach a wider audience through animation. He is a focused, efficient and runs a professional service handling and delivering corporate work to tight deadlines. From brief to delivery his concepts were original. The Entrepreneur Country / Google video ‘went viral’ and achieved our objectives of building brand, awareness and creating dialogue. I highly recommend Aniboxx videos for any business wanting to communicate with their customers / target audience in a interactive and original way.

Google / Entrepreneur country

Tom Peterson


Having seen some of the fabulous work Aniboxx has made for other clients, i wanted a clear, creative, visual aid to help communicate my social business to the world. Aniboxx created a succinct thought provoking animation which i am extremely pleased about. The entire process from the initial meeting, to the story boarding and the delivery has been not only professional but very exciting to see ones entity/creation come alive through the animation, absolutely fantastic!

Wake Up Campaign

Viviane Williams MA, FRSA


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