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As crowdfunding gets increasingly popular for raising investment, the battle for views and pledges has become highly competitive. Sites such as; CrowdCube, Indiegogo and Kickstarter, feature thousands of projects at once and it’s a struggle getting heard above all that noise. There is also the problem of holding the short attention span of your audience. You need to to be compelling and stand out in order to win the investment you need.

A pitch video is a powerful tool you can use to communicate your investment potential in a succinct and convincing manner. It enables you to bring your idea or cause to life, whilst giving it personality and passion.  All of these factors are going to improve your chances of success.

We are experienced in creating crowdfunding videos that achieve results and hit targets.

Getting the right video

Aniboxx is built on a love of what we do. We are an multi-award winning Animation Advertising Agency that creates forward-thinking animated video ads. We take inspiration from around us and combine this with our diverse experience, to shape engaging visions.

We’re driven by your goals

Your audience could be a seasoned investor, a niche community or the general public, we will work out how you can effectively communicate with this audience. The aim being that they connect with your vision and want to invest.

The right video makes all the difference

Getting the tone and message of your crowdfunding video is essential. We use our experience and technical know how to create compelling metaphors, images and script that your audience will understand and remember.

The video is the first thing people see when they visit your project page and it is important that you make a great first impression. One of our videos will do this for you. Statistics show that most projects with a video receive twice as much funding as those without.

– via ignitionDeck

You need to be credible and informative

We make it easy for your audience to understand your vision by creating product walkthroughs, which we can blend with your story to create a powerful pitch.

Quality: You get the same as Google & Skype

A high-quality video that targets your audience is vital to success and not getting it right can be detrimental to your fundraising campaign.

“An amateur-looking video isn’t going to convince anyone to get involved, and at worst, could damage your campaign’s credibility.”

– via ignitionDeck

We have worked with all types of companies and brands, from start-ups, charities and causes to multinational brands like Google and Skype. We use the experience from our varied portfolio of work to create your pitch video, ensuring it is of a high-quality and matches your specifics.

“Campaigns that use a pitch video raise 115% more money than campaigns that use a pitch image.”


Videos are highly effective at getting your audiences attention because they involve text, colour, sound and movement to engage multiple senses. We also give this further impact by considering semiotics and looking at every detail on screen in terms of, composition, colour and imagery to a highly professional standard.


“90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.”

– Sources: 3M Corporation and Zabisco

“Kickstarter statistics show that campaigns that have a video are 66 percent far more likely to raise funds than those that don’t”

– via TNW

We help you drive visibility

Once your video is completed, we help you showcase it to your audience by providing it in multiple formats and explaining how to get the maximum impact. Your videos can then be viewed on mobiles, tablets, laptops, in newsletters, on websites, on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter… everywhere your audience is.

AND more…

The videos we create for crowdfunding campaigns are dual-purpose. All parties take two edits, one is a shorter version for landing page engagement and marketing awareness. It’s almost like getting two videos for the price of one, depending on what the message is.


From the initial briefing stage with Jide through to script development and the story board visuals, everything was on point, creatively very impressive and all received in a timely fashion despite the extremely tight working deadlines.

Aniboxx have has already impressed the potential corporate sponsor and everyone at PEAS is very excited to finally have a visual tool available to help us explain the need for our charity and our complex SmartAid model.

The team were professional, responsive, excellent communicators and all in all a pleasure to deal with. Thank you!




It’s easy to take the easy route. But sit back for a moment and think what you are trying to achieve.

Aniboxx produced a great video for my company so that we could attract funding on Crowdcube. It’s also a great video for sales. Think out of the box and think Aniboxx.


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