The Aniboxx Process

Wondering how it all comes together?




One of our Creative Directors and Video Marketing Consultants will discuss your project with you, with the aim of understanding what you want to achieve from the project. Working with you, we’ll figure out how to best engage your audience and communicate your message clearly. We will then generate some exciting ideas and get the process rolling.




Following our first meeting we’ll draft a script for your project and develop a concept based on our discussions. Once signed off by you, we will move on to the next stages of production.




Next, the Creative Director will carefully match your brand or idea with a visual narrative and the correct language communication.  We will usually provide a couple of colour concepts, so you can see your video come to life before we go into production.



Sound/ Voiceover

Professional sound and voiceovers are produced and recorded according to your brand, along with a backing track if necessary.

When these are signed off, the real magic begins…




Our professionally trained animators begin the animation process, breathing life into your project. Getting things in motion, literally.



Video Exposure

One of our Video Marketing Consultants will give you a free consultation to help you choose the right video distribution options both online and offline.