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Our Top Four Viral Adverts of the Month

Our Top Four Viral Adverts of the Month

We’ve seen several big brands make good use of video in their online marketing strategy, so far this year. Some have sky rocketed and reached an incredible amount of views, as well as making a major social impact and spreading a very important message. Below you can see who we selected to be in our list of Fantastic Four viral adverts.

1. Always: Unstoppable – 31 million views

72% of girls feel like society limits them. The #LikeAGirl campaign from Always, aims to change this statistic by promoting female empowerment amongst young girls who believe they cannot do certain things, due to the stereotypes people have. At the end of this video there are three strong calls to action which are, asking viewers to share the video to inspire, tweet how they’re unstoppable with the hashtag ‘Like a girl’ and watch confidence in action.

2. Duracell: The Teddy Bear – 12 million views

Here is a video from Duracell, where we see a young girl struggle with an absent Father who is in the army. It’s inspired by a true story, and encourages viewers to join Duracell by donating to the USO, which is an organisation that helps thousands of children cope during their parents’ deployment.

3. Sport England: This Girl Can – 8 million views

Here is another female empowerment video on our list; this one is from Sport England. The #ThisGirlCan campaign is aimed at giving girls confidence in working out and becoming fit, no matter how they look whilst doing it.

4. St John Ambulance: The chokeables – 4 million views

Over 40% of parents told St John Ambulance that they have witnessed their child choke, and over four-fifths didn’t know what to do when in such situation. St John Ambulance cleverly used the most common objects babies choke on, to communicate the message on what to do when a baby is choking on an object. They encouraged viewers to share this very important video.

One significant thing about viral videos is the appeal to share it with others. The strong message that all videos listed above have, made them extremely shareable amongst their target audience and more.

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