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www.aniboxx.com Aniboxx Showreel 2016 is a collection of some of the coolest clips from a mix of animated and Live Action communication videos for corporate, agency, investment, tech, charity and Television industries. Clients include; Mr Men, Google, Skype, O2 Telefonica, SKY, PWC, Commonwealth, Royal Mail, Playstation, Birdseye and Many more…

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Being a Partner at Crowdfunding platforms Crowdcube and Indiegogo, we decided to share what we thought were the most impressive crowdfunding videos of 2016. With a fun mix of animation, humour, VFX and informative narratives, the below 5 videos should keep you engaged and excited about new ventures. The end goal is to raise enough money through these small donations on each platform to bring your project to fruition. Remember, an important ingredient to a successful crowdfund is a video which represents your brand with excellence.

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Watch Aniboxx’s Top 5 Christmas Adverts of 2015

Happy Holidays! During this festive season we have seen many brands think outside of the box for their marketing campaigns, and create memorable adverts. Sit back and enjoy our top 5 Christmas adverts of 2015.

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How Video Can Increase your App Downloads on Twitter

Capture your target audiences’ attention straight away on Twitter, with their Video App Card! We know it’s hard to stand out on Twitter’s timeline, with it being filled with funny tweets, memes, vines from friends and brands alike constantly trying to reach out and engage their audience. But what better way to stand out other than video?

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Aniboxx’s Favourite Halloween Adverts

In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve listed our favourite Halloween adverts. Some brands have been really bold and creative with this theme over the years, and we’ve narrowed down the best 3 we’ve seen. Sit back and enjoy.

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eWhizz’s Video Marketing Tips

Aniboxx had the pleasure of attending an excellent video marketing event put on by eWhizz, a group of intelligent digital marketing professionals. As video geeks we are always on the look out to learn more, and feel it is our duty to share with you key take away’s from the event.

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Aniboxx’s Animation Review of Coca-Cola’s Man & Dog Advert

Coca-Cola strikes again! Over here at Aniboxx we’re big fans of Coca-Cola’s animated adverts and this year we are really impressed with their Man & Dog 2015 animation.

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Our Top Four Viral Adverts of the Month

We’ve seen several big brands make good use of video in their online marketing strategy, so far this year. Some have sky rocketed and reached an incredible amount of views, as well as making a major social impact and spreading a very important message. Below you can see who we selected to be in our list of Fantastic Four viral adverts.

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Top 6 Excellent Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are useful for all organisations as they are a great way to improve chances of converting viewers into customers or securing investment. They are short videos, usually used to efficiently explain how to use a new product, what a company does or a message. A few companies have done a great job with their explainer videos, so we have created a list of our top 6 excellent explainer videos.

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The Apple Watch Animation

Make sure you get your animation 5 a day! Stay tuned for the next installment of Aniboxx shorts.

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