Adult Swim Digital Content Reel Part 1

Animation for film and television is a lot different to the usual viral ads and short form agency productions we are used to. This is why working with Adult Swim UK on some of their flagship shows taught us so much about engaging audiences with the first few seconds of the most compelling aspect of a story. This stuff continues to be fun and highly fulfilling to work on. These are some of the clips we have worked with Turner Broadcasting on, specifically on their Adult Swim Channel:

00:05 – 00:15 Secs: Robot Chicken Roadrunner

00:15 – 00:28 Secs: Dreamcorp

00:28 – 00:52 Secs: Robot Chicken Starbucks Logo

00:52 – 01:07 Secs: Rick And Morty (Ants In My Eyes Johnson)

01:07 – 01:34 Mins: Jellies Trailer

01:35 – 01:50 Mins: Robot Chicken (Stan Lee band)

01:51 – 02:03 Mins: Mr Pickles

Aniboxx have worked with the adult swim UK’s inhouse digital team, on these clips in a number of capacities, including editing, Thumbnail creation, Subtitling, illustration, Viral Video Titling, graphic design and Social Media publishing. These clips have all been published on their youtube accounts over the last few years. Aniboxx does not in any way own any of the rights or intellectual property of any of these clips, nor were we involved in the creation of the original productions, we were commissioned to work with their digital team to promote these clips with them in house and add to them in the process. All rights of these clips belong to Turner Broadcasting.

To see our individual videos, adverts or virals for each brand, visit our Portfolio or our Corporate Brand page.

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