Deloitte – British American Tobacco Videos


Deloitte became a client after we held a Lunch and Learn presentation at their Farringdon office back in November 2019. They soon approached us with three animated explainer videos to make for their client: British American Tobacco. This was quite an intense project that went through a lot of iterations as the videos were aimed at the internal marketing department at British American Tobacco.


Using Agile methodology, we managed the project workflows and systems, responsible for tracking of progress of all three videos from concept sign off to delivery. This included animation and corporate video clips of B.A.T staff talking heads to camera (as in the screenshot below). Handling all aspects of internal and external communication with Deloitte project managers and an external stakeholder executive at B.A.T.











The client was pleased with all 3 animated videos and our management process.We received such a good recommendation from staff at Deloitte that following the project, we were asked to give a “Lunch And Learn” styled presentation talk over a zoom call to their Digital department in august, called “The Design Guild”.











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