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The secret behind getting a video to go viral is there is no secret. It’s simply creating a viral-worthy video and it’s not as complex as you might think.

We focus on making your video truly original and therefore worth watching and sharing. Once this is combined with viral video marketing, just sit back and enjoy the chain reaction ride.

At Aniboxx we believe in engaging audiences on an emotional level, but in a subtle way. We understand you want to connect with people, but you don’t want to scare them off by making your pitch too obvious. When we write your script, we make sure it’s attention-grabbing and conveys your message with just the right emotion to increase the video’s shareability.

Benefits of a viral video


Has the potential to generate popularity and open a lot of doorways in a short period of time.


Major media outlets, high-ranking blogs, social media, the national and global press and even TV companies will take notice.


Our videos can be shared on social networking sites, through email and can be posted on a website.


They are increasingly used as part of a video marketing campaign – to attract potential and existing clients, as well as showcase new products.


Video marketing with a viral video is less expensive to make than a television commercial. It’s more cost-friendly to post on websites compared to paying a television channel.


Viral videos are a fun way to establish a new brand or increase your existing brand recognition. There are millions of Internet users worldwide and this has massive potential as a target audience.

The Entrepreneur Country / Google video ‘went viral’ and achieved our objectives of building brand, awareness and creating dialogue. I highly recommend Aniboxx videos for any business wanting to communicate with their customers / target audience in a interactive and original way.

Google / Entrepreneur country 

Tom Peterson

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