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Video Marketing Services

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It might sound obvious, but for a video to have lasting impact online and offline, it’s important your video is packed full of compelling content. It’s also crucial your video is seen by the right audience, at the right time, in order to secure a worthwhile return on investment.

Our video marketing service takes a multi-platform approach when it comes to breaking your video into the market.

Depending on how you need to communicate your message, be it within your organisation or externally, we advise on a number of solutions that make sense for your audience.

We provide a free video marketing consultancy service to help you choose the right video distribution options both online and offline, so there’s no need to spend money on a separate video marketing agency.

Depending on what your project or campaign requires, our video marketing consultants create video marketing strategies based on the following: 

Youtube promotion (Youtube Pre-roll ad space)

YouTube video marketing is the most effective form of advertising to promote your product or service. Your video is displayed as an ad break before a YouTube video in a 30-second time frame. 

We ensure your ad has optimum engagement by matching it to the YouTube video content or promotion the viewer has clicked on to watch. We can also give your video interactive elements to drive traffic to your website landing page and following this, can track an audience’s engagement once they’re there. 

Digital Video PPC

A mix of online inventory ad space bought on various platforms to provide a global audience reach and maximise your video’s impact. 

Your video can be placed in app ad space – Roll Over To Play, Click To Play and social media game space. This is great news because social media and mobile platforms have huge audience potential for video apps and games, as well as allowing you to target your viewers. If you choose Roll Over To Play as your app ad space, you can drive user interactions by embedding brand overlays and social sharing buttons.

Outdoor and Indoor LED Screen Advertising

It’s increasingly hard for brands to communicate with an audience that’s continuously bombarded with distractions.

Outdoor and indoor LED screen advertising have an immediate effect on their viewers and with the use of new mobile phone technologies, they can act on your message there and then.

Video Analytics Reporting

Aniboxx has an in-depth analytics system that reviews the metrics of individual videos and measures your ad’s performance on a site-by-site basis. This insight means you know what changes to make to your ad if you plan on making another one and ensures you choose the right site for your ad’s success.

We’ll inform you of your campaign’s success on a weekly basis and give you a comprehensive post-campaign report. Furthermore, if you require specific details, we offer a simple campaign summary where you choose metrics such as views, average plays-per-view and audience engagement.

Video Engagement and Viewing Trends

We offer video hosting with key analytics and marketing tools. Video heat maps, viewing trends and audience engagement graphs allow us to see which parts of your video the viewer has watched, skipped or re-watched and which content performs the best at engagement.

We also create video sitemaps to help search engines index your video content. This will increase your video’s SEO and bring traffic to your website.

Your Existing Network

We can assist you in forming a structured plan of how to link up with your existing social media contacts or from your database or mailing list.