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Will O2 Be Affected By England’s Exit Out Of The Rugby World Cup 2015?

Will O2 Be Affected By England’s Exit Out Of The Rugby World Cup 2015?

After an unfortunate defeat this weekend the host country England have now exited the Rugby World Cup 2015. This has not only left England Rugby fans disappointed, but their many sponsors; including O2.

As you may have seen O2 has been a proud sponsor of the England rugby team for the past 21 years. They have put together an entire ‘Make Them Giants’ campaign for this years Rugby World Cup. Below is a viral video from the campaign.

Being a major sponsor for England Rugby during the RWC comes with many advantages, but the loss of the host country now puts O2 in a sticky situation, as these animated rugby characters were used throughout O2’s marketing communications. You may be wondering will they now change their marketing strategy? or continue pushing out the same marcoms? According to Marketing Magazine O2 have gracefully bowed out of their campaign for this year and tweeted “Standing beside you. Always”.

Regardless of England’s untimely exit we are still very impressed with the O2  ‘Make Them Giants’ campaign. The ‘Make Them Giants’ story line resonated well with all England Rugby supporters and raised morale behind the team. In comparison to their more masculine ads in the past, this one is more inclusive of all types of rugby fans.

We also have worked closely with the O2 team on their O2 Think Big Project video, which you can check out here.


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